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How to Attach & Wear Your Invisible Suspenders

The following videos will provide a quick and easy source of information about your SuspUnders. You don’t need to view all of them unless you desire! However, in order to correctly attach your no-sew buttons and wear your SuspUnders, the bolded videos are most helpful.

Informational Videos

How SuspUnders are Worn

(30 sec)

View all of the ways you can wear SuspUnders!

What Comes With Your Order

(1.45 min)

This video outlines what comes with each order of black or white SuspUnders.

60 Second Button Attachment

(1.20 min)

Buttons can be attached in less than 60 seconds!

No-Sew Buttons Are Unique!

(1.20 min)

They are easy to attach to your pants and only require the tools provided in your order of SuspUnders!

Why Pants Slide Down

(1.10 min)

We outline two reasons why your pants might be currently sliding down.

SuspUnders vs Traditional Suspenders

(2.50 min)

View how SuspUnders can prevent your pants from sagging!

Instructional Videos

60 Second Button Attachment

(1.20 min)

When we say that buttons can be attached in 60 seconds, we mean it! Here’s the proof!

How to Attach Buttons - Slowed Down Version

(11.03 min)

Each order of black or white SuspUnders includes a tool kit to help you attach your set of no-sew buttons to your pants. There’s no need for needles, threads, or scissors!

Where To Attach Buttons & How To Remove Them

(2.20 min)

The no-sew buttons include six (6) buttons good for (2) pairs of pants. Two (2) buttons will go in the front, while one (1) will be attached to the back. The buttons should be positioned behind the low points behind your belt loop as that’s where the thickest material of pants will be. Watch the video below to learn how to attach and remove buttons from your pants.

How To Wear & Adjust SuspUnders

(1.40 min)

SuspUnders should always be worn with the adjustment slides in the front. Adjustments can be made by pulling the adjuster slides out, which will allow you to move your SuspUnders up or down.

How to Tuck In Shirts with SuspUnders

(6.12 min)

There are various methods to tuck in your shirt when wearing SuspUnders. Each of them are outlined in the video below.

Wearing a t-shirt will prevent SuspUnders from irritating your skin. We recommend long tail t-shirts made of a thinner material as they will provide a neater tuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Damage to Pants? (50 sec)

Can the no-sew buttons damage my pants?

The opening that you create for the buttons is negligible. In addition, the openings for the buttons are made behind the belt loops and are out-of-sight. Also, the impact of making the opening on the pants is comparable to the electronic shoplifting security pins on expensive garments that are sold in department stores.

Pants Material Too Thick? (3 min)

What if the pant material is thick, making it harder to attach buttons?

For some materials like wool, you may need to screw in the end with your screwdriver about four or five times.

No Rear or Center Belt Loop? (30 sec)

What if there is no rear or center belt loop?

You can still attach a no-sew button in the rear/center of the pants. It will be out-of-sight when wearing your belt.

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