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Patented SuspUnders

Out of Sight Suspenders

SuspUnders are suspenders that go under your shirt for a comfortable, neat look…always.
  • Holds ALL pants in position throughout your day!
  • From dress slacks to jeans! Easy clip-on, easy clip-off.
  • Worn under the shirt, out of sight.
  • Innovative design allows shirt to be tucked in while wearing belt.
  • Easy no-sew buttons for two pairs of pants.

Hold Pants in Position All Day!

We start the day looking neat, with our shirts well tucked in at the waistline. However, by mid-morning, many of us find our shirt tails becoming untucked and that our pants have sagged below our waists; making us look and feel sloppy, even with a belt on. SuspUnders were developed to solve this problem! Whether your pants sag due to a slightly larger mid-section, or because your hips are smaller in relation to your tummy measurement, wearing SuspUnders under your shirt will keep you feeling neat and comfortable all day long.

Ultra-light & Comfortable

SuspUnders are made with a soft, thin, ultra-light material. Nobody but you knows you’re wearing them. Even you may forget you have them on!


Innovative Design Allows Shirt to be Tucked in While Wearing a Belt!

How you present yourself to colleagues, clients, prospects and friends is important. Knowing that you look and feel your best helps give you the confidence you need to succeed. SuspUnders give you that extra bit of self-assurance by holding your pants at waistline level all day. And your shirt stays neatly tucked in all day long, thanks to our easily attached, exclusive no-sew buttons.

Worn Under The Shirt & Out of Sight!

SuspUnders are worn like regular suspenders…but under your shirt! They hold your pants in just the right position all day and the special no-sew buttons let you tuck in your shirt, if you choose. Worn out of sight, no one knows you’re wearing them!

With No-Sew Buttons for 2 Pairs of Pants

The user-friendly no-sew buttons are are designed so that anyone can attach them quickly and easily. And the innovative clip attachment allows pants to be taken on and off quickly.

SuspUnders go under your shirt

for a comfortable, neat look...always